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Cold Beer is Par for the Course


With the Masters getting underway this week in Augusta, we’ve found ourselves musing on the merits of including ice cold beer in your golf experience. Maybe it’s the warm, outdoor environment. Or the leisurely pace of the game. Or the need to relax and regroup after a particularly bad shot. Whatever the reason, a beer sure tastes good on the golf course. But what’s the best beer to drink? The easy answer is, “the one in front of you.” We don’t dispute this, but for those wanting to be a bit more intentional in their approach, a few thoughts.

There’s a reason many people reach for commercially produced American beers, or light Mexican beers like Modelo or Corona. They are low alcohol and very refreshing during a day out in the sun. However, they certainly aren’t the only beers you should consider reaching for. Golf Digest put out a list of the “9 Best Beers for the Back 9,” that will get your wheels turning.

For those that appreciate the lower ABV, but don’t want to depart from their tried and true IPA ways, it’s definitely worth checking out the growing assortment of session IPAs that local brewers are putting out. They have plenty of flavor, but a low enough alcohol content to not affect your game (too much) as the day goes on.

Here at GrowlerWerks, we always appreciate local beers. It may just make the most sense to choose your beer and your golf course together. Golf Advisor shared ideas for the best beer and golf vacations, that showcase cities with both great courses and excellent local breweries. Our hometown of Portland, Oregon is on the list, as well as San Diego, Denver and several other cities. Summer vacation will be here before you know it. Time to start planning a trip!

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