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Creative Ways to Use a uKeg Nitro


Everyone knows one of the best things about nitro cold brew coffee is the smooth, creamy texture. And one of the best things about a uKeg Nitro is making that delicious beverage right at home. But not everyone knows that the magic of at-home nitro infusion isn't limited to cold brew. In fact, there are many creative ways you can use a uKeg Nitro to create velvety, tasty drinks. Here are a few of our favorites:


Flavored Nitro Lattes

Add some milk and your favorite flavor (vanilla and hazelnut are our go-to’s) along with your cold brew and you have a nitro latte that will make any Starbucks barista envious.


Nitro Tea

Some teas can be slightly bitter. But a little nitro can take off the edge. Try a batch of hibiscus in your Nitro to remove the bite.


Nitro Matcha

Can't decide between a latte or tea? A matcha latte is the way to go.


Nitro Root Beer

Homemade root beer is a treat on its own, and serving it on nitro just makes it that much better. Brew your own root beer or push the easy button and use a store-bought concentrated root beer syrup.


Nitro Horchata

Horchata is a classic Mexican beverage that only gets even better when served up velvety smooth.


Nitro Cocktails

We might have saved the best for last. Tap into your inner bartender and impress your guests with a nitro-infused cocktail. You can experiment with different recipes, but to get you started, we suggest an Irish Brunch. In your uKeg Nitro, mix:

  • 6 ounces Irish Cream
  • 6 ounces Irish Whiskey
  • 38 ounces of cold brew coffee


Have other ideas for tasty nitro concoctions? Post them on instagram with #uKegNitro so we can share them on our page.

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