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Enjoy the Taste of Spring


The changing of seasons always brings with it a fresh look at life. It marks a transition, and an opportunity to shake loose and try new things. For craft beer and cocktail lovers, it’s an excuse to shake up your beverage game. So, with the equinox upon us, let’s ponder some ideas inspired by Spring.

When we think of Spring, we think of being outdoors. That includes everything from mountain trail hikes to tending to our garden plots and flower beds. How do these spring activities translate to the glass? A few ways come to mind.

On the cocktail front, this means bringing the flavors of the garden to the drinks you mix. Mint is always abundant, and the mint julep is as good a cocktail as any to enjoy this time of year. Or if rum is your preferred spirit, a mojito always hits the spot. But you can get even more crafty. A beautiful lavender simple syrup will add a fresh feel to standard drinks like a Tom Collins or a Vodka and lemonade. 

Fresh fruit and flowers—either in the drink or as a garnish—will add a spring-time vibe to your cocktails. Scroll through these recipes and photos from The Adventure Bite and you are sure to find something fit for Sunday brunch or an evening on the porch with friends. 

Maibocks (or May bocks) may be technically the only “Spring” beer. It’s a lighter, drier version of a traditional German bock, and one worth sipping over these next few months. Beyond that, seasonal offerings from brewers tend to signal a switch from heavy, dark, winter beers to lighter, hoppier varieties. With Spring flavors in mind, these include pale ales and IPAs brewed with hops that bring forth notes of pine—like chinook or simcoe— or floral notes—like amarillo or centennial. 

Fruit flavors themselves are not overly seasonal, but something about tropical, juicy beers sure does have an appeal as the days grow longer and warmer. Luckily, hazy IPAs are as popular as ever, and fit this bill quite nicely. Just grab your uKeg and head to just about any local brewery or pub and fill up on all the juicy goodness.

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