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A walk down the aisles of your neighborhood Trader Joe’s may have you believing that pumpkin is the only ingredient available for seasonal foods and products. Alas, from apples to ginger to butternut squash, there are many fall flavors in which to partake and enjoy. The foods of greatest interest to us, however, are the ones that pair well with beer, cider and uKeg-worthy cocktails.

Turkey with stuffing and roasted pork are sure to find their way to your fall tables, so it’s worth checking out a few recipes that match up these holiday standards and other tasty dishes with their perfect pint of beer. 

Take full advantage of apple season by pairing your favorite cider with a thick slice of fresh apple pie. Or pour a cider to go alongside a bowl of butternut squash and apple soup. You can even give a classic Moscow mule some fall flare by adding some apple cider to your recipe.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include chili on our list of must-have fall foods. Chowhound cooked up a guide to creating a perfect pot of chili using your favorite beer style as an ingredient. The variety is impressive, with standard chili con carne and seasonal takes that incorporate pumpkin and butternut squash. 

If you’re still in an Oktoberfest state of mind, festbiers make an excellent addition to chili recipes, like this one.

While chili and beer are a match made in heaven, simple cocktails can hold their own against the spiciness of chili as well. Mix up a batch of palomas or presbyterians in your uKeg and give it a try!

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