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Head to Margaritaville


Around here, we don’t necessarily need a reason to mix up a batch of cocktails, but if one presents itself to us, we see no reason to pass it up. National Margarita Day, on February 22nd, is one such occasion. Get your uKegs ready, because we’re ready to celebrate!

When you think about it, National Margarita Day may just be the best drinking holiday of the year. For one thing, it’s a bit of a sleeper. Who, really, has margaritas on the mind in a month of blizzards and sub-zero temperatures? But pour that tequila/lime goodness into a salted glass and suddenly you’re mentally transported to a sunny beach in Mexico. It’s a great way to have a little taste of summer in the heart of cold, cold February.

There are also so many different variations on a margarita that it’s easy to find a recipe that suits your mood. Here are a few ideas that are worth trying.

Experiment with fruit. Lime juice of course is the standard, but incorporating other fruits can change the flavor profile (or look!) dramatically. Orange, lemon and grapefruit are common citrus additions that complement the lime. Pineapple or guava juice can be added to increase sweetness, while berries will add some tartness. Prickly pear adds a unique flavor and a bright magenta hue.

Add some herbs or spices. Give your margarita a kick by using sliced jalapeños or other peppers. Or, head to your herb garden and try out fresh basil, mint, rosemary or cilantro. You can muddle these with lime or, better yet, make a batch of margaritas in your uKeg and place the herbs or peppers in the uKeg infuser to get all the flavors working perfectly together.

Make your margarita beered. Beeritas are a tasty way to add a spin to a classic margarita. Beer can be used in addition to—or in place of—tequila. Light lagers are the most common, but you can experiment with pales ales or other styles as well. You can even use a ginger beer to give it more of a Moscow mule feel.

Whatever type of margarita you prefer, we hope you enjoy the day with good friends (and a side of guacamole.)

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