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Fresh and Functional - A Guide to Basic UpKeep

Fresh and Functional - A Guide to Basic UpKeep

Whether your uKeg is straight out-of-the-box, lightly used , or has been heavily "weathered" over years of craft beverage exploration, there are a few steps you can take to maintain the overall quality and performance of your favorite carbonated growler! 

Below is our professional guide on best practices to follow before, during, and after you use your uKeg to ensure it is ready to rock next time you're feeling parched.


  • Rinse out before first use
  • Confirm gas cartridge type, and size, for your uKeg
  • Check that the cartridge seal is in place and not damaged
  • Make sure your retaining nut and seal is firmly in place
  • Ensure your uKeg cap is in the off position before installing cartridges


  • Leave pressure in "on" position whenever the uKeg is filled
  • Shake uKeg for a longer period of time to infuse better with coffee (uKEG NITRO ONLY)
  • Pull tap handle fully open for proper pour
  • If tap becomes sticky, run it under warm water to loosen it up
  • Leave the uKeg in your fridge when not in use to maintain cold temperatures inside


  • Rinse well after every use
  • Extra gas in cartridge can be used to push cold water through the tap and uKeg systems
  • uKeg Cleaning Tablets will help remove any build up inside the uKeg
  • Let dry with cap off and tap in "open" position
  • Do not put in dishwasher
  • Do not put into storage while pressurized
  • The included maintenance tool can be used on some uKeg models to take apart fittings for deeper cleaning

    For more info and helpful videos visit the "HOW-TO" page on our site or Contact Us


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