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November 17 is "National Take a Hike Day," and with 60k miles of hiking trails in the U.S. National Trail System, we have abundant options for getting out and spending a day with nature. With Thanksgiving and the rush of the holiday season right around the corner, it's the perfect time of year to be outside, get some exercise, breathe in fresh air … and drink beer.

Hiking and beer go hand in hand, no question. We know this because, well, we’ve done a lot of it. And it’s really, really fun. What better way is there to celebrate getting to the top of a peak, a breathtaking viewpoint, or a perfect, secluded spot along a creek than sharing a cold beer with your hiking mates?

This match made in heaven has also been confirmed by the countless books, articles, and essays on the topic of combining beer and hiking. To list a few:

Beloved outdoor brand Patagonia has even teamed up with brewers to create co-branded beers — a limited release 40th anniversary lager made by New Belgium back in 2013, and a year-round pale ale released in 2016 by Hopworks Urban Brewery. In fact, while there are many reasons canned beer has become popular in the craft brew industry, the ability to more easily transport beer for outdoor enjoyment is one of the most compelling. You can even find recommendations on the best canned beers for hikers.

While options for top-notched canned beer are growing, it’s still a relatively limited selection in the grand scheme of the craft brew world. That’s where the uKeg comes in. You can take your growler to your favorite brewery or pub for a fill up, opening a world of possibilities for beer and hiking combinations. And, your beer will stay cold and fresh for the entire duration of your outdoor adventure.

As an added bonus, uKegs happen to look stunning set against a backdrop of mountains, trees and streams. Feel free to take your best shots and share them with us on social. We'd love to repost some great ones!

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