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Where Carbonating Beverages Used To Take 3 Weeks, It Now Only Takes 2 - 3 Days. 

Watch GrowlerWerks CEO, Shawn Huff, force carbonate chardonnay using our uKeg 64 in only 2 days. 

Read Below To Learn The Detailed Process of Force Carbonation 

How To Force-Carbonate:

One the many benefits of the uKeg is making your own carbonated beverages.

  • Carbonate your homebrew
  • Make sparkling wine or cocktails
  • Fizzy water or sodas
  • Healthy and fun carbonated apple juice for the kids!

uKeg Force Carbonation Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Fill the uKeg with the beverage you want to carbonate.  You want to leave 1-2 inches of head space below the cap.
  2. Charge the cap with CO2.  Using a 16-gram cartridge ensures you’ll have enough CO2 to carbonate and dispense.  Some CO2 will go into the beverage, and the rest will be used to dispense it. Click Here To Purchase Your Box Of CO2
  3. Place the cap on the uKeg and turn the pressure up to 15 psi. Setting to this high pressure drives CO2 into the beverage faster.
  4. Put the uKeg in your refrigerator for 2-3 days
  5. After 3 days, the beverage will be fully carbonated
  6. Turn the dial down to about half-way (7-10 psi)
  7. Pour, sip, repeat
  8. You can adjust the dial to automatically maintain the perfect carbonation


The chart below should help you choose the right carbonation for your brew. And keep in mind, this is just a guide, you can always experiment to suit your own taste!


The GW Team

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